Is Blogging worth it post Covid?

Yes! 100%!

Having your own blog is a very powerful thing.

Start Blogging and you will know it’s the best decision you have made for your life!

Ring any bells?

Working long Hours?

Yes! Overworked, drained and underpaid.

How flexible is your life?

Starting a blog and earning money from your blog can give you the freedom beyond your wildest dreams. Work when you want and our favourite thing is there travelling. See the world and work from your hotel room.

Hate Commuting to work?

If you like getting up super early and going to work afraid your going to be late… Your life sucks! When I think about that, I smile and I smile again. A proper wide cheesy grin. I used to fall into my office and still be 1-2 minutes late. Now I wake up, when I have finished sleeping 😎

Would you like to Work from Home?

Ermm, if your answer is no, I mean if you seriously like getting up early, sometimes in the freezing cold. I guess you shouldn’t start a blog. Maybe you have some deeper issues that need a shrink or something to sort out because you I can’t really help you with your obsession to be slave to somebody else :). If you happen to like the idea of working from home, come and give me a high 5 please! It’s basically the most beautiful life changing feeling. You can finally step off the hamster wheel of the 9-5 lifestyle and start to actually live life whilst letting your creative juices start flowing.

I am not good at Writing, can I still Blog?

Of course you can! Blogging is like speaking out loud. Casual speaking, there is no formal journalistic approach. That’s the beauty of blogging, eg you are on my blog right now and I can say whatever I want. On that note, time for my morning coffee, by the way instant coffee sucks! Start Blogging and get a proper coffee machine that makes freshly ground coffee beans. You will be able to afford a good one 😉

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