What is Affiliate Marketing?

“Affiliate Marketing” You must have heard of this phrase many times in your life. If you have not heard of the term affiliate marketing then you must have heard the “Marketing” by itself.

A Simple Explanation

You have a business selling bananas.

Wendy says I know lots of people that will love your bananas.

You place a tracker on all the bananas that people buy that had anything to do with Wendy.

The maths goes like this:

1 x Banana you sell for $2

You give Wendy $0.50 for every Banana sale that came through here sending people your way.

10 sales came through Wendy.

Wendy get $0.50 x 10 = $5

Wendy is your affiliate marketer. Notice Wendy does not even have to touch a banana to make money.

That is it in a nutshell.

Some people like Terry (amazon) have said to you, if you send anyone to my shop. I will give you commission for anything that customer will buy for 24 hours.

As an affiliate Marketer you can keep all your options open. Now Wendy can send people to you and Terry whilst making more money.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

It is quite clear to see that whilst a standard business will always be there whether that is a computer store or a burger hut, affiliate marketing just is unmatched. When done correctly it can be the most fruitful and effortless of all the money earning opportunities out there on Earth. Couple that with the billions of people online with smartphones, laptops and PC’s, storing their cookies on their browser is all it would take for peopl eto get filthy rich.

You do not need to touch a product or deal with a grumpy customer, it is a total win win.

Smartphones have made Affiliate Marketing the KING of the internet

So how can I become a Pro Affiliate Marketer??

There are a lot of sites out there on the NET claiming to be the holy grail of affiliate marketing, but in reality there is a lot of rubbish out there. This is why moneypeeler.com came into existence, to filter away the rubbish and give people a clear and concise path without them having to touch or get confused with any of the baloney.

I have my favourite Affiliate marketing strategies and I will share them with you FREE of charge.

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