What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is basically the steps that someone has to complete to become your customer.

Let me give you an example, Joanna is walking past your ice cream truck and sees a promo on the side of the truck. That is the first step of your funnel, maybe 100 people walked by and looked at your promo of “Enjoy a Sundae today”.

The next step of your funnel will be the people that actually stop at your Ice Cream truck and start looking at the flavours you have to offer on your window menu. We can say this is 40 People for this example.

The next step will be the customers that actually choose the flavour of ice cream they want and pay for it and check-out. We have now completed our funnel as we have sold our ice cream to the customer and they have paid us, in this example we have reached the end or bottom of the funnel.

Only when an Ice Cream is sold do we reach the bottom of our Funnel

Is it something that I should be concerned with?

YES! Your funnel is your whole process into making somebody your customer. You can analyse each step and break down in detail where the customers are falling off.

At which steps do you lose the most potential customers?

Where are the holes and the flaws?

You can identify, rectify and improve your funnel constantly to get a greater amount of customers to the bottom of your funnel. Whether the bottom step is selling a leather handbag or signing up for a free ebook, this is how a Sales Funnel works.

What is the best available software for Sales Funnels on the Market?

The best Sales Funnel software currently available in my opinion is Click Funnels. The templates along with the ease of use make it a breeze to control. Visually updating your template in real time is letting you see exactly what the final web page will appear like. The amount of research and testing they have done on people is insane. They check everything so much, they test and retest over and over again.

Things you don’t even think about, eg the colour of the call to action button. The colour of the buttons that get the most clicks and the colours that don’t perform as well.

Human Behaviour

There are certain human behaviours you can only start seeing a pattern emerge after doing proper analysis on the data that has been collected.

What colours get the most clicks???

There is a psychology to peoples behaviour online, whats attracts them, what convinces them, where do they look first? This has all been analysed and tested to a high level after a lot of marketing data is collected. You start to see an emergence of patterns and trends of human behaviour online. Click Funnels is a product with all the sales funnels ready to go off the shelf, tested and primed to convert.

They offer a great free trial period too, if it is not what you thought it would be, you get your money back. That is definitely worth it if you are on the fence as you have a free trial period to test out what they offer. The funnels and templates they have are actually really good.

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