Time to set up the money making machine

Now you have your Bluehost hosting package set up it is time for installing and putting your blog on the map!

Okay, so firstly if you have not got your hosting for your blog set up yet, go get it here at Bluehost.

Bluehost is the number hosting provider for WordPress blogs catering for all your blogging requirements as your site grows.

1. Install WordPress

This is very easy, the Bluehost dash will give you a simple installation wizard.

Click on Login in to WordPress

If you do not see this option, which you should, then you simply select the my sites option.

Click on My Sites followed by Create Site

2. Choose a site name and tagline

You can edit these fields at anytime

This is pretty simple and can be changed later if you want to really think about your taglines etc. After filling in the site name and tagline please click next.

3. Select a Theme

All WordPress sites are represented online with a theme. Think of a theme as clothing, there are so many different looks and styles. Themes can also add a lot of features and functionality to your site, there are hundreds and thousands to choose from. Bluehost will give you a choice of some free themes, just choose one and we can change this later at anytime, not something that will be set in concrete. Choose one and lets move on for now.

4. Time to Enter the Dragon..

The installation of your new WordPress site will finish and you will be asked to verify your email and we are good to go.

Confirm and verify your email address
Important Tip: Skip and do not install Jetpack

Jetpack is a not something I would recommend you install on your fresh clean fast blog. It is a very heavy and unnecessary plugin, when prompted to install it, please click skip.

Do not install Jetpack, please Skip this

5. Welcome to WordPress -Business or Personal?

You will be asked to choose between Business and Personal for type of blog you are launching. I’d recommend business, as you are starting this as a serious opportunity to finally get that freedom. Choosing business will NOT cost you any money.

6. Launch your baby!

Next step is launch the blog
Happy Days!!!!!

Well Done!! Time to create your first post>>

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