The Very First Post

Okay great, we are now at the part where we put pen to paper or in our case finger tips to keyboard.

WordPress can be daunting to someone that knows nothing about it or is seeing it for the very first time. Think about it, it was first launched in May 2003, so at the time of writing this post we are looking at 17 years of tweaking and perfecting for you. WordPress is the biggest and best platform when it comes to running a blog. I will walk you through everything in a super easy to understand way. Lets continue guys..


That mumble jumble you see above is what changed the way the internet and online sites work for millions of people.

WYSIWYG = What You See is What You Get

Before WordPress burst onto the internet, web design and maintenance was such a painful task because only people that could actually code hard HTML were making websites. WordPress made it easier and more accessible for people to see what the webpage on their website was going to actually look like in a viewable format as it would be on your laptop screen as opposed to super complicated HTML. You normal people like you and me, this was a dream come true.

Time to Create our First Post

On the left hand menu we will go to the Posts section with a big pin icon next to it. We will then click on “Add New” option and we will then end up with a blank new post page which should look like what we have below. If it does not, please follow my instructions again carefully :).

Post>>Add New

Structure Your Post

Your posts need to have a good flow and the correct headings. This will make it so much easier for you readers to understand what you are blogging about. For example as I am typing this I can show you a screen shot of my typing screen. Notice how you can preview and update your post.

Be Yourself, Be Natural

Blogging is very different to being a journalist or a reporter. There is a certain casualness about it, a realness that lets you see the blogger writing as themselves with no fake persona’s. So that is my tip for you. Keep a good structure, keep your paragraphs short but let your blog be a human to human like causal conversation. Make it flow naturally, it will all make sense to the reader, who in turn will connect with your style of blogging.


Organise and Structure: Structure your blog in sections and categories (do this on a piece of paper or however you take notes ). Please listen to me carefully, this is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Take your time, one post at a time. Quality posts will engage your reader and they will come back to read your other blog posts.

One post at a time, slowly, post by post, you will become the complete blogger.

Write for your audience: Write with confidence and flair, be comfortable, almost imagine you have a million loyal readers just waiting for your blog posts. Talk about things that matter to your audience, something meaningful and most of all “Valuable”.

No pressure: Be yourself, write from your heart and just let it flow, even if it is a casual laid back post of how you fixed your dog kennel, make it natural. Do not over complicate things, simple and natural, you in the purest form is what is going to be the heartbeat of your blog.

Tell your audience about yourself and your goals in your about me page

Be as transparent as you can be, tell your readers about you so they can connect with you. The more they know about you, the more the trust, the better the connection.

What are the goals of your blog? What is the purpose behind it? How can they be a part of it? How can you readers benefit form your blog? Answer these questions and make sure that you have a genuine answer, that is all.

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, it is something that is a part of you and your experiences, this in itself is valuable. In todays world people need to connect and seek comfort in many different ways, let your blog bring comfort to someone. Not as a councillor or shrink but as an opinion on something.

You are not a journalist or news reader so do not attempt to be one. So that’s a wrap, go my little ducklings, the time to swim has come upon us 🙂

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