Simple steps to Start your blog.

Okay, well done , you have made the decision, so let’s go through the simple steps to get your blog out there to the world.

Choose your Niche or Topic
What interests you? What kind of thing do you have a passion for?

One really common misconception people have is to think that you need specific niches / topics to make good money. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There are blogs out there that are so targeted to a small market and you would not believe how much money they can turn over monthly. We are talking $10K+ talking about spices…

So really you need to focus on what you’re interested in and can talk about.

Almost every niche will make you money.

I am not great at writing essays?!

Well neither am I, hey presto, we have something in common.

A blog is just like having a casual conversation with people about something you’re interested in and they are interested in.

It’s very natural, it’s like having two people interested in sewing. They will have a lot to talk about. They will discuss, needles, types of thread, material or maybe their dream sewing machine. So if you get what I am saying, there will be people out there in the world that will become your audience. Your interests and will ultimately give you so much you can share with them. From there the connection builds.

Be Yourself

There is an audience for everything, there is an audience for you.

You are unique, you have a unique voice (opinion, not like a recording artist!) and you will have you own way of seeing things.

Being the real you will make all the difference

Final Words before we head in..

Find what you think you can can write about passionately and start blogging.

Ultimately you will never know until you have started writing whether you enjoy your chosen niche. You will know very soon after you have started if you enjoy blogging about the chosen topic or not.

Niches and Subjects that are known to profitable

  • Lifestyle
  • Home Decor
  • Health and Fitness
  • Diets (eg, Atkins, Dukan, Paleo, Vegan etc)
  • Education
  • How to make money
  • Technology (PC’s, laptops, Cellphones and so much more)
  • Coding
  • Languages
  • Travel
  • Make up and Beauty
  • Relationships
  • Marriage
  • Babies, Toddlers and Parenting in General
  • Arts and Crafts
  • DIY in general ( woodworking and projects etc)
  • So much more just make sure you are interested or have sort of experience in the field

You can have a a blog about more then one topic but from personal experience and seeing the most successful bloggers out there. The more you narrow it down to 1 or 2 niches, the greater the connection with your audience and the more successful your blog will be.

If you research into this too deeply, then you are overthinking it and you are not following your natural inclination to what you are interested in. This should NOT take very long.

Remember you are unique, no one has done or can do, what you will produce.

I know my Niche, I am ready to GO>>

There are now two things you will need to become a proper blogger.

A blogging platform and a place to host your blog for the world to see.

Our recommended Blogging Platform is WordPress

Our recommended Hosting Platform is Bluehost

This is the fastest and most simplest way to get your blog published on a professional platform.

WordPress and Bluehost are like Bees & Honey, they go hand in hand

  • WordPress: The most powerful blogging platform on Earth.
  • Bluehost: Great for beginners, it has a wonderful 24/7 service and super easy for bloggers to set up shop and start earning their money.

What about a free blog?

Whilst free blogs do sound convenient, after all they are free. If you are serious and want to make your blog into a proper income stream then I would avoid free blogs.

A few reasons why:

  • It does not look professional
  • You do not have your own domain
  • You have a limited amount of bandwidth on a free blog (no room for growth of visitors)
  • You can not use ad revenue and this restricts your income hugely
  • There are so many more reasons, it goes on and on..

How much will it Cost me to start my blog?

The good news is it does not cost an arm and a leg to start a blog thanks to the great pricing on Bluehost.

Typically you are looking at $2.75 per month (which will cost $110 for a year) for a Bluehost package. They will charge you a full year’s amount up front. It will work out cheaper in the long run.

What do a I get for my $2.75 per month with Bluehost?

  • FREE Domain for 1st year
  • FREE SSL Certificate Included
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • 24/7 Support

That is a lot of bang for your buck right there!!

I am ready to sign up and start my professional blog, what next?

Click on the this link to go over to Bluehost to buy a new domain name for your blog and get the installation process of WordPress started.

Need help to set up your blog? No problem let’s go to our step by step guide.

See you over there 🙂

Set up your blog on Bluehost now – Follow our Step by Step Guide>>

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