Finding a Niche for your Blog

There is a ton of discussion around choosing the correct blog niche nowadays…

A Niche for your blog is basically the particular market or subject that you will be focusing on. This niche can be as expansive or as narrow as you need it to be.


For example have a look at this:

A large niche could be: Cars

A more specific smaller niche could be: Ferari lovers

For the most part, the more detailed you get with your niche, the more enthusiastic your readers will be.

That is on the grounds that in addition to the fact that they love cars, they are Crazy about Feraris. It makes your content much more interesting and relevant for them than say all of the blog articles out there that are for Porsche enthusiasts only.

Another Perspective..

Another way you could look at it could be by having such a specific niche, are you missing out on all the people who are interested in lots of different cars?? That is also something you should think about when choosing such a specific super targeted niche.

Get the Balance Right!

  • Narrow enough so you are NOT in a large niche, as it will just be so much more competitive for you.
  • It is something that can be tricky to get right, but once you do have the right balance you will get the perfect audience for your chosen niche. You need to make sure you do not go too broad and find the competition for you as a new blogger is just crazy. Also not go so specific that you only have 3 people on Earth interested your super duper narrowed down niche. Try to really understand the above.

Get the Balance Right
Get the Balance Right – Not Too Narrow Not Too Broad

Time to Choose a Niche for You Blog

I know all too well that picking a blog niche can seem like your are making a decision that you won’t be able to change.

It is not the end of the world if you think you have made the wrong choice, you can always choose another niche, so do not be weary of being 80% sure etc. You will never be 100% sure in the beginning. It is easy to start again.. DO NOT stress at all!

I am quite regularly asked by my readers which niche they should pick—given their specific abilities, interests and experiences. To help ignite your creative spark, here are some reliable blog niches that as of now have shown to be very popular amongst readers.

Bare in mind that after Covid the world has changed so much. Every popular niche has so many new readers, just because there are so many more people online all over the globe.

Great Niches to Consider:

  • Making Money Online
  • Personal Finance/ Financial Guidance
  • Stock Market Investment and Trading inc, Crypto
  • Lifestyle
  • Health, Fitness and general well being
  • Fashion
  • Food and Recipes
  • Parenting and Kids
  • Travel
  • Pets
  • Self Improvement

Let’s Start to Brainstorm

Put together a list of all the things you are interested in.

What do you love to do or to discuss?

Scribble down all the things you’re generally keen on, regardless of whether you figure it would make a decent blog topic. We’re simply considering what may work as a good niche for your blog.

It’s fine if some of your ideas feel irrelevant and some seem like they could work. No ideas are impractical at this stage when you are brainstorming.

Determine Which Niche is Most Profitable

Although it is valuable to have your favoured niche chosen, you don’t want to go with something that no one could even think of looking for.

So, how can you find out if your niche has potential to make any money, after all you want to see the bucks, the chinga bling!

Google Trends

You can search Google Trends for ideas for your blog niche. Google Trends is an easy way to see whether users are searching for your blog niche and if so, how much interest there is. Think of relevant keywords people are likely to search for, or find keyword suggestions using a tool. Enter them into Google Trends, and you’re on your way away.

The key here is that you find something that has a decent amount of searches globally, lets say around 5 to 10 thousand searches a month.


It is a waste of time to create a blog about a subject that has only grown in popularity in recent months as the hype is likely to wear off soon like with all viral stuff. Viral niches will leave you stuck with no traffic as the trend dies down eventually. It’s also not good to start a blog about a fading niche as well. In Google Trends, look at your niche topic’s data and make sure it keeps popularity over time. It doesn’t have to be a 100K searches every month, just consistent numbers so there are new users searching for stuff you will write about. Research and look at the numbers, the numbers don’t lie baby!!!

Are You Up For It?

Having come up with a strong blog niche is not really the tricky aspect, making sure that your blog is regularly updated with high quality content is.

Blogging from the outside might well seem like an easy side hustle, but it demands time and energy. You’re going to have a difficult time being consistent if you have no passion for blogging and providing valuable content for your readers.

Motivation and Consistency will give you Success

You should come up with a blogging plan and start delivering it. To fill up your editorial calendar, you will also have to constantly come up with innovative and interesting content.

Start researching your niche, and then see what other bloggers are writing about. Take into account how you might start taking this material and fix the problems. Have you got a unique viewpoint on the niche that other bloggers are not covering? If the response is no, relatively soon, your great blog thing is going to run out of gas. The worse thing for a blogger is to run out of gas!! That is when the the blogger becomes a blagger and no one likes those!!


You could waste hours attempting to pick the best niche for your blog or maybe you could begin blogging and start making good money from it six months or even a year from now.

Too Large and your target audience will never be found.

Too Narrow and you’re going to struggle to get enough traffic

So that is what I think you should be doing to find the perfect niche for you.
List 10, narrow down to 5 and continue until you finally have 1, which will be your chosen niche!!

Let the blogging begin…

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